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Genuine Moldavite and Clear Quartz Beaded Bracelet

Genuine Moldavite and Clear Quartz Beaded Bracelet

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Clear Quartz and Moldavite handmade beaded bracelet

Moldavite is well known for giving strength and courage to those who wear it and to also bring good luck, according to Czechoslovakian legend. Moldavite is a wonderful stone for anyone seeking inspiration and new mental energy.

Take note: This crystal is known for its ability to incite change, personal growth and transformation, and a heightened sense of awareness. Moldavite has been known to cause intense reactions, such as bringing repressed emotions and memories to the surface quickly and even opening your third eye.

Moldavite can bring on rapid change in one's life which can cause uncertainty. Pairing Moldavite with Quartz has a very positive outcome: Quartz and Moldavite have very high vibrations, some of the highest of all gemstones. When you have them in your aura via jewelry or portable stones, your frequency increases dramatically.

You begin to attract highly evolved people and positive circumstances into your orbit. Low and dense people and negative circumstances cannot exist near you for long.

About Moldavite: Moldavite was formed 14.7 million years ago by a meteorite's impact in the Reis crater in Southern Germany which subsequently melted surrounding rocks. Moldavite is mined in southern Bohemia, western Moravia, The Cheb Basin, Lusataia, and Walviertel, Austria.

About Quartz: Quartz crystal is reported to increase intuition and enhance psychic abilities by helping a person become more aware of their own energy fields. They are believed to be useful tools for manifestation programs, as they are said to help people attain their goals by enhancing one's willpower and visualizations. Clear Quartz crystal meaning has to do with what you want most in the world: manifestation. It increases life force energy and overall sense of well-being while protecting against negative outside influences

Last note: Moldavite is important to take off when sleeping. If you sleep while wearing your moldavite, it may lessen the strength of your stone or change it's properties.

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